About Us

Poiji is made up of a family of strong women: Phoenix, and her two daughters, Desi and Lulu.  Phoenix decided to create Poiji because of her love of two things: jewelry and subscription boxes.  After looking for a jewelry subscription to join and being disappointed with the options available she decided to start Poiji.  Other jewelry subscriptions were either too expensive or you didn’t get to keep the jewelry you received without paying extra.  Phoenix thought someone could do better.  Maybe that someone could be her.

Next, she enlisted the help of her two daughters, joining their talents with her own to make it something special for them and for you.  Like many people, Phoenix and her family have been through many hardships, but being there for each other has always been what has made the difference.  That is why Poiji is so special. Because it is about family, and passion.  Passion that Phoenix, Desi and Lulu look forward to sharing with you every month.