Meet Poiji

Phoenix - Our Founder

Phoenix has always had a passion for fashion. In high school she taught herself to sew and began designing and constructing her own clothes.  Inspired by her father’s talent as a painter she dabbled in many different mediums over the years.  She spent time creating large scale props and decorations for themed installations, events and parties.  Some of her caricature sculptures have been featured in a TLC wedding special.  One of her favorite traditions is making elaborate Halloween costumes for the whole family.  Phoenix and her husband, Stephen, have been married for fifteen years.  Starting Poiji has been a dream come true for Phoenix, especially because she was able to include the talents of her two daughters.

Desi - Social Media

Desi is Phoenix’s eldest daughter.  She is currently wrapping up her sophomore year of college in Denver.  She is majoring in marine biology and minoring in botany.  If she could she would fill our home with plants from top to bottom.  She also has a love for photography and hopes to someday merge her love of photography with marine biology by getting to photograph cuttlefish.  Her age and energy make her the perfect fit for our head of Social Media. But she does a lot more for Poiji than post updates.  She helps her mom with every other aspect of the business as well.  Desi is a constant source of inspiration and a steady presence for our family.

Lucy - Design

Lucy, or Lulu as she is usually called, is the younger daughter.  She may be a freshman in high school, but Lulu exhibits a maturity and intelligence beyond her years.  Her creativity is astounding and something that runs in the family as both her mother, sister, and maternal grandfather were artists.  Lulu spends most of her free time honing her drawing skills both on paper and on her computer.  She also creates exceptional videos and web comics, with some of the videos on her YouTube channel gathering more than 10,000 hits.  Her sense of humor is unmatched.  It was in fact Lulu who designed Poiji’s logo!